Help to store hi-rez on external hard drive.

Hello. I am an old time audiophile and not to digital savy. I was wondering if anyone might share how to store downloaded hi-rez digital on external hard drive and configure it to be the source and deliver its content to the dac?, from there I think I got it. I don't think I want a computer over by my system so I thought just a hard drive would nice and small and neat, but I don't know if it is possible to do that. Thanks for any input. Have a great day.
SB Touch runs a stripped down version of the server software. No way can it handle a RAID array.
Big bucks5 thanks that is what I was hoping to do keep it simple over by the sound system and off a computer after downloading. Why? It just sound good and simple. I am not very sharp with computer stuff. Prpixel thanks for the help before I took that step. I went out this afternoon and looked for a computer/laptop to dedicate music to and then I started thinking about and got caught up in all the little things and I didn,t get one yet. Ineed some time to figure it out. Everybody I talk to at the stores has different ideas and really doesn't know much about what I am trying to do. But other than that their nice and try to be helpful. Thanks again. Enjoy your music.
I have no idea what Prpixel is talking about. The Touch interfaces with a USB drive. A USB RAID 1 configured HD is a still a USB drive. From an external point of view, the Touch has no idea if the HS is RAID 1 or not. You can always pull one of the drives out if there was some kind of issue, and then reinsert it to mirror the drive inside the case when you add more music.

Get yourself a LaCie 2 Big USB HD with 2 1TB drives configured as a mirror array and a Logitech Touch. I think that's all you need (plus your DAC).
Bigbucks5 Thanks. I am doing what you provided me because that is what I wanted to do. Thanks for all the specifics too. Thanks for the help. Enjoy your music.
" to store downloaded hi-rez digital... "

I believe almost no one actually addressed your question but rather described how they use computer audio.

I am not the expert and, thus, don;t want to give any advice but hi-res download is mostly in 24/96, 24/176 and 24/192 formats. I don't believe that Logitech can handle last two as well as iTune and many other suggested software and hardware solutions.

In your shoes, I would consider (and discuss with expert):
1 - labtop with minimum OP and run it on battary when listening to music - exactly as suggested above.
2 - Downoald music managment software capable to deal with hi-rez and lossless downloads and probably classic music library (a bit more compex then rock, I believe)
3A -Use Asycronius USB/S/PDIF 24/192 device connected to
3B - your DAC with regular S/PDIF input or
4 - DAC with Asycronius USB 24/192 input

Still, Buyer Beware !