Help requested from Tom Harrell fans

I have one Tom Harrell recording: Wise Children. Far and away my favorite song on the disc is "See You at Seven". Is this new ground for Mr. Harrell, or does he have other recordings with similar songs?
He is known as more of a bop style jazz musician. This album is more fusion and smooth jazz and not really representative of the majority of his work. I haven't heard all of his records so he may have recorded others in this vein.

Most fans of his bop albums would rank this as one of his weaker efforts. However, if you like this style of music, and in the end that is really all that matters, you might check out Spyro Gyra, the Crusaders, and the Yellow Jackets to sample similar stuff.
I agree with Herman's post, but think it would still be worthwhile to check out Tom's other records. I'd start with "The Art of Rhythm", which is pretty stellar. Go to and search by artist to get his discography, with pretty competent reviews.


Thanks, Matt and Herman. I'm familiar, at least in passing, with both Spyro Gyra and the Yellowjackets. I though that the Harrell track was much stronger than anything I've heard from either group (not that I've heard either SG's nor Y's full output). Perhaps Santa will include "The Art of Rhythm" in my stocking.
Hopefully that jolly b-stard remembers me this year, because last year I got "The Art of Coal" by S. Claus.

I'm thinking an avid acutus would do the trick...c'mon..get those elves workin!