Help re: DVD coax out

I am not really into DVD or HT, but bought a cheapo Phillips DVD player for some music/video DVD's. My question is, the Phillips has a digital COAX output, I have an old old PS Audio Digital Link 2 DAC, would there be any advantage using the COAX out into this old PS Audio DAC, or would I be regressing into past tachnology.

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I'd try it, it might be better than your "cheapo" dvd dacs built in...can't hurt...
The answer to this question lies in your handle "Justlisten". All you need is a digital cable, if you don't already have one, to try it both ways and compare. Since you have a DAC, you probably have a cable. If not, you can get one on A-goN for about $30.00. Happy listening. Don
I'd bet the outboard dac will be better than the built in ones. definitely try it.