help on my Denon DP 72-L

HEY-I just pulled out my dp72l and the stylus for my grace f9e is broken- need some good ideas for a replacement in the $2-300 range-
Also using this thru my lexicon mc12b pre/pro so can I use my old Tandberg 2080 receiver as a phono stage?? If not any reasonable priced phono preamps to spin my old rock albums?
Listening thru the Dunlavy V speakers-
Thanks so much-gary
The two best recommended by both Stereophile and The Absolute sound are the Ortofon Super OM 20, or the Shure V15Vmr. The Ort can be had on the 'goN for $115. new in classifieds from a Canadian dealer (search Ortofon) and the Shure is $235. average low price.
They may not be exotic, but they are damn good cartridges for the money.
You can use the Tandberg for the phono section if you want. Just plug the phono cables into the Tandberg phono input, and use the Tape Out from the Tandberg to a line level input on your Lexicon. That should do it.

A Denon DL 160 would be a nice match for your TT, and very reasonable cost.