help on amp

I am upgrading my system and looking for suggestions on a new amp. My source is a Linn Genki, and speakers are Newform Research R645 with no pramp. Here are my choices and thoughts about each: Linn Klout: Everyone says Linn goes well together and I like the pace rythem and timing (PRAT) thing. But Linn may be trickling down some Klimax technology to some new models Bel Canto EVo: My speaker maker reccomends Spectron but you can't get them and some people say EVo is better and cheaper. Pass Aleph 5: Some people say the Newform sounds like Gallos and Soundstage had a rave system review with Gallo Refereces and Pass Aleph 3s. Plinius 8200 (8150): The best integrated on the market? I wouldn't have to use the variable out on my Genki which is a litte weak. McCormack 125: A lot of rave reviews on Muscial Fidelity A300 or A3cr: Stereophile seems to be pushing this one pretty hard not sure why. Proceed HPA2: have heard this one and it sounded pretty good lacked the midrange presence of my tube amp but verrry quiet. Blue Circle BC22: They say it is a very musical amp.
Bel Canto EVo is amazing,very lively & musical.
bel canto is super. very fast, articulate, no or low-low distortion. to get out of it all it can give you, particularly on acoustic music, a good -- quiet -- tube pre-amp is a great addition. It is so detailed it can be just a tad dry in the mid=range, while revealing all kinds of musical details. Blue Circle BC23 would be good, First Sound Presence Delux would be great (see recent soundstage review). But even on its own the EVo is a great price/performance deal. I had a reviewer tell me if he didn't already own a very wonderful and expensive tube amp (like 4x the EVo cost) he would buy one.
innersound also makes an amp specifically for e-stats. never heard 'em, but i've heard good things about 'em. but, what amp are ya using? i'd bet that you wood get better sound if ya bought a nice preamp, than upgrading yer amp. besides 1st sound, i've heard good things about aranov. but, these things are user-unfriendly - 2 separate wolume pots, & no remote. why suffer? cary & melos both make excellent-sounding tube pre's w/remotes. i love my cary, but i'm selling it cuz i got a great deal on a melos music-director, due to its recent troubles, & the melos is a *killer* preamp. good luck, doug