Help-need dig. cable better than D-60

Due to a fit problem my Illuminations D-60 will no longer work as my primary digital cable between my Transport and Levinson D/A. I need something that sounds at least as good and preferably better that has a standard size RCA plug. Is the Kimber silver stuff better? What would you recommend? Thanks for any advice.
Try Millersound - You will have to call information to get the phone number. They are in College PA I believe. They don't have a web page yet I don't think. Look up the reviews on Audio Review. I bought a 1/2 meter cable based on a friends recommendation who said that it better his Illuminati, Kimber Silver digital, etc. I paid $65 for the cable and did NOT return it. He does offer a return policy if you are not satisfied, but you WILL be. They also produce interconnects that are built similarly but better than JPS Labs Superconductors...check it out, you won't be disappointed. Dan W.
Marigo is much better than either the original Illuminati or the current Illuminations D-60. I have a length of the Marigo Apparition Reference 5.0 for sale here on audiogon with RCA connectors on both ends, you might want to check it out.
The MusicMetre Fidelus is superior to the D60, I owned both. I relegated the D60 to home theatre service only. Jim Patrick at MusicMetre is a good guy and builds a superb digital cable. I wrote a review about year ago on under cables. Best regards, Mike
Tried the Purist Audio Proteus! Incredible stuff! really balanced my system out. Thou I have not heard of the D60. I might also consider the Fidelus. Heard some good things about it.