Help My DVD player is playing through all sources

I have a Denon 3803 reciever and a Phillips DVD963SA. I just replaced my cables in my system with Franks Signal cable, what an amazing difference. My DVD player now plays on all my recever's sources, it will also play Sat. and DVD at the same time. Do I have somthing hooked up wrong or is there a problem with my amp.
My guess is that you have the output of your DVD connected to a line out (or loop/tape out)of the receiver. Would be interested to know if it turns out to be something else.
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I have a digital coax. hooked to the out of the DVD player and in to coax. 1 of the reciever. My digital in assignment on the reciever are DVD coax. 1 and SAT. optical 3. It makes no sense that two sources one optical and one digital coax. could play at the same time? My SAT is hooked to to the DBS imput of the reciever but only plays when the source is set on DBS. Could this have anything to do with the 5.1 analog imputs connected from the DVD to the reciever?
I just removed the 5.1 analog cables and its gone! I had been switching between analog and digital on the reciever. I also found that my volume control wasn't working right with the analog cables connected. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks had better settle down and get a system together to troubleshoot your proble.

Unplug everything. Start with just one component. Try it with Coax and then, without changing any settings, try it with optical. One should work while the other does not.

Try getting out a piece of paper and chart your results. Try all alternatatives. go to the manual and see it any of your results make sense.
Thank You Unclejeff & Joe problem fixed analog cables hookedhooked up wrong.