Help me with Klipsch Heresy III

I'm thinking about getting Heresy III for my McIntosh 2200/275 combo (my Spendors 2/3 don't rock as hard as I want them) but I don't know which stands do I need? I sure as hell don't want to leave them on the floor - and given their size I guess I need some heavy 45-50 cm stands - which ones?

P.S. Do you think it's a good match with my Macs? And what do you think about them overall? Some say they have plenty of slam but poor mids, others warn that the highs are brutal. I don't hear it at the store but you know...
the risers they come with are fine. putting them higher will only make them do the thingsyou've mentioned. they should sound great with the 275 combo.
I would make sure you've got a decent source but the tube amp should make them sound nice. The Klipsch can defintely be harsh with solid state. Also I don't know about the IIIs but the I's and II's can really soak up the power despite their high sensitivity. I think the MCs will handle them ok but I wouldn't expect to rock the house. I had a pair of Heresy's in the 80's and the could completely swallow a 160 watt SS amp.
If you raise the Heresy's off the floor you will be loosing some bass reinforcement at the possible benefit to the midrange and soundstaging (in my experience). I worked hard to get an early pair of Heresy's to sing, though I mostly work with push/pull tube amps at the time. Based on some pretty thorough experimenting, including raising them to different levels and trying them out for weeks at a time, my best advice to you if you like that sound is to sell the Heresys and buy a pair of Cornwalls, or if you're really into head-banging rock try vintage Forte II's or Chorus II's. As far as height of Heresy stands; as a cheap experiment you use cinder blocks to do this - four blocks would give you various heights to listen to. My observations were that the further off the ground, the ligther the bass. I ended up with them low to the ground, toed up at an angle to the listener.

Good luck.

Save yourself a future trade-if you want to rock out get a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls instead of the Heresy's.

Klipsch and McIntosh work well together.
Guys, I have a 15 meter room and classic floorstanders just don't perform well there.
try it anyway...i think you'll be suprised