Help me with a digital Font end

I'm looking for a good cdp (used $1-1.5k) and a pre-proc which is very good for music (for approx. the same amount of money-used), to match with two Citation 7.1 amps (one to bi-amp mains for music and one to handle HT channels.
Looking for significant upgrade from:
Cambridge Audio D500-SE cdp
Adcom GTP-760 pre/proc
I use system mainly for music (90%)
Looking for units able to get close to the best out of quality speakers such as B&W N804, Von Schweikert VR4 GenII, Vandersteen 3a Sig., Theil 3.6 (speakers in this range)
Any suggestions?

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I helped you with one of the 7.1's. Now you want more!

Mayby a RA CD50. Also you might grab a CD55 if you're really lucky or a EMC-1 I. Probably more like sub 2k.

The Lexicon MC-1's are selling at 2K and are tons better than the DC-1's. The DC-2's are in your range. Look for a verson 4.0 software with the DTS feature.

Good luck,

BIll E.