Help me pick a new pair of speakers

Help me pick a new pair of speakers

My equipment list is listed below. 

I like my Revel M105 speakers but feel there is something better available. So, if anyone can recommend a starting point or a set of speakers, please feel free. My budget is around 4K. I would really like to stay with bookshelf's but will consider others. My listing room is my living room is 13x21 ft.

Current setup:
Rogue Audio RP-5
Rogue Audio Hydra
Gold Note PH-10 w/PS-10
Rega planar P8 W/Ania Pro
Revel m105
SVS SB1000

I'm really looking for:
-better sound quality
-better sound stage and image
-more refinement

Just something that sounds better than what I have. I don't want a new set of speakers just to have a new set.
I rally want something better then what I have. So far I have been reading about the following speakers:
-Dynaudio Special 40
-B&W 705 Signature
-Revel M126Be
-ProAC Response D2/R/D
-Monitor Audio Gold 100

At this point the only speakers I have auditioned are the Monitor Gold 200 (out of my budget). I my be able to audition the Revel at Crutchfield soon. I listen to jazz 85% of the time. The other 15% is a mix of everything.



I’m sure you hear this too much on this site..

Tekton Moab is going to be my recommendation..

Just under $5,000 delivered, in any color you desire, with grilles and custom made plynths (you have to ask)..

If too much almost any TEKTON speakers in the $2,000 and above range will be an eye opener..


You can send them back if you don’t like them.. A 10% loss (return shipping)..

Expect the grilles to take awhile (my only complaint)..


Other than Tektons, I have been recommending VOLTI AUDIO..

Volti audio is more expensive, but I would consider them an upgrade/different to the Tektons..

If it's a pair of stand-mounted speakers I'd head straight to Joseph Audio used speakers and tie in the SVS-1000, passed very low. I'd consider Scansonic MB2.5 floorstanders too. Good luck-lots of quality stuff in that range, especially used!

@verdantaudio: idle curiousity, how large/what model Raidho's and how large or small was the room for the mismatch? I'm loving older D2 small floorstanders in a 17 x 20 x 10 space (and don't expect to upgrade again). Thx.

I had a pair of D2's and really enjoyed them. Great speaker. If you don't mind something a little older keep your eyes open for a pair of Verity Parsifal monitors too. 


Do yourself a favor and listen to a pair of Kef LS50 Metas. I auditioned with a friend who is just getting the audio bug. It was a smaller room, but these speakers are incredible! I owned a pair of B&W 802D3s, and I have to say that the LS50s in that room were more fun and engaging than the B&W's I had in my large room. In my audio journey, this was indeed a humbling experience. The Kefs will compete with anything up to $5K.