help me choose amp/preamp $1200

im in a position to decide for my audio electronics, my budget is aprox $1200,,,already have diva 6.1,5.1,and center,pioneer 47ai sacd/dvd/dvda player. (i have a 2ch amc 200watt solid state amp? should i just get another amc and stick with that?) I am mostly looking for audio quality, not ht(but still important). I was thinking about going just old dpl receiver/pre and running my dvd player in analog to just control volume and use dacs on my dvd player, but am not sure. Here are some equipment i found pretty deascent deals it seems like:
sony tap9000es: $525shipped
sony tae-9000es:$600
Sony SDP-EP9ES:200?-$300???
outlaw 950:$750???
parasound HCA855: $500
outlaw 750:$750 shipped
forte: class a for cheap? any good?

any advice would be highly appreciated! need to make decision within this weekend, thanks
If your only concern is 2-channel, drop the SS and wake-up to tubes. For $1200 you can get a really fine tube integrated amp, or a good used set of pre and amp for just a little bit more. The jump in the sonic quailities will be priceless from the gear you are probably used to. I don't know your speakers (Diva?) nor how efficient they are. Some lower power tube units require at least 90db from the speakers they're pushing to get loud. Anyway, for an integrated I'd look at the Jolida 502B, or perhaps the or a used Audiomat Arp├Ęge...either would be in your price range, the Audiomat being around 30wpc, and the 502B I think is more like 60wpc or so. If you want to stick to separates, I think the Cary SLP-50A is a real sleeper of a Preamp (line stage only) and can be had for around $500. Leaving you $700 for a good amp. I like Mike Sanders Quicksilver stuff... for $700 you might be able to find a pair of Mini Mite amps, which are another high-end audio bargain, but only put out 25wpc, so are best with efficient speakers. The difference in sound between these suggestions and the SS in the same price bracket is a WORLD apart to my ears. Again, I don't know your speakers, and synergy is very important, but the difference I'm talking about here is worth it to dump the speakers and look for something that matches tubes better if that's not the case. Just one opinion, based on my own experiences. Good luck!!
audible illusions m3 & Quicksilver m60 monos used

Obviously there are a number of options in or close to your price range. Take a look at the Consonance products from Opera Audio. Consonance received rave reviews and created great excitement at the recent Las Vegas 2003CES Show. There is an excellent SS integrated or you can go separates mixing a tube pre with a solid state power block to get what your looking for. Either choice will make a very musical system with your Divas.
Enjoy your system!
thanks for the responses, do thoose preamps have 6 chan analog for sacd? thanks
out of the ones i listed, which one is the best combo
SAve the $$ and get an FT Audio Passive Pre-Amp.You won't get anything better till you get to the $1500-$2000 range.