Help me choose a new sub


I'm trying to decide between

Epik empire
SVS pb-12 NSD
HSU VTF-3 mk3

all in the same neighborhood of cost. Mostly will be used with my home theater set.

If you're spending 500-600.00, look into VMPS subs--awesome sound, not for the money, just awesome sound--deep, powerful, clarity, no boom, adjustable to any room to get great sound. They will also blend with very fast speakers and be unnoticable in location sound wise. They have more expensive ones also that are even better.
Thanks so far - i'll look into VMPS as well. Just wanted to add to my list the elemental designs A5-350.
get a JL L110 used for a grand
you'll thank me later
Get a used SVS PB13 Ultra for $1200-$1300 that'll eat three JL F110's for breakfast as an appetizer, than thank me later..

Regards Bacardi
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