Help me back to Analog

Hi folks, I am rebuilding my analog rig and have some doubts about preamps and phono preamps. I am planning on using a Mark Lev 32S or 380S Preamp. These units do not have phone stages so my question is if I use a Ortofon MT30, McCormak Micro Phono Drive or a Mark Lev JC1DC can I hook any of these up to the MLev Preamp or do I need to get phono preamp? Thanks, Riqe

Current system is a ML335 Amp BW 801 SONYES CD, VPI JWMEMORIAL arm, ortofon mc.
You can hook-up ANY 'normal' phono-pre to your ML.
I started off with a ML38S and a PS Audio GCPH phono-pre, which did me fine for quite a while with an Ortofon Jubilee cart.

This could last you forever :-), or at least some 2 - 3 years depending on how your listening demands evolve.