Help: JRDG Capri owners who use the HT Bypass

Hi folks. have any Capri owners who use the ht bypass had problems with a popping sound from the L&R speakers when pausing a movie, or changing channels?
If so, did you find a solution?
Hi Jimmy3993,

My Capri pops in my speakers anytime I change the input source buttons, including HT bypass. Not sure why and I don't know if it would do it if I wasn't using HT bypass. Probably a good question of JRDG. If you find out, let me know.

Greg -
This is a different "pop". Same sound, but much louder.

I know the one that you are talking about. Mine does that too.

I did call JDRG about it. Talked to Jeff but he had no idea. Suggested that I look at how I have the system grounded - ie running everything into one a/c line. Didnt help.

My next step will be to disconnect everything and reconnect one piece at a time to try and figure out where the cause is. I thought that it was the capri but am not sure.
Hi Jimmy,

Your trouble shooting idea is sound. I did notice that mine only pops on the inputs that have a source connected to them. I also noticed if I go back and forth between source buttons they sometimes stop popping. Good luck and please keep me posted. I'd like to know myself.

Take Care,

I tried. 3rd amp and the pop went pretty much away. I had been using nuforce and had tried a ps audio trio as well. Just put in some 20 year old jrdg model 7 monos and it went away.
Who knows why...