help hot-wiring RB300

Hi. I've been wanting to rewire the arm on my Rega P3 because the left channel doesn't work. But there are some questions I have before I buy the parts.

1. The parts list say "Discovery tonearm wire, 28 awg. Red, Green, Blue, White and Clear." That's five colors. But in the instructions there are only four colors. What's the clear one doing there?

2. Two feet of each color seems more than enough. (I'll take my chances fishing it through.) But what if I run the wires directly to the amplifier? (My Rega Brio already has a built-in photo stage.) I can buy five feet of each color and braid them from the bottom of the turntable, and I'd still have three feet as the lead wire, would it sound better than using the Van den Hul d502?

3. If I tear the existing ground wire, what kind should I use to replace it? It's not in the parts list. (Or is the clear tonearm wire used as the ground wire? I haven't purchased anything yet, but it doesn't look like I can fan it open.)

4. pcX doesn't have Van den Hul cartridge clips, or anything else by vdh, but they have Cardas cartridge clips, stamped gold plated brass (set of 4) $3.95. Is that going to make a difference?

On page six there is the ground screw. What kind of spade lug should I get for the ground connection?

Answers on any of the questions would be helpful.

The colors mentioned are what was available at the time (1994-1995) as the ad states. This is old stuff. I believe all the wires were singles runs, as now they are all twisted together.
I don't believe two feet is enough if you intend to run direct to a preamp, as 16" is needed in the arm tube and base alone.
A single run of the clear can be soldiered to your existing wires at one end then pulled through the arm. Next attach this pull wire to the four color coded wires and pull them through.
Hope this has been a little help.
What happens to the earth wire? Do you leave the existing earth in and just replace the 4 coloured wires?
Re: Wires
Thanks for the info about the clear wire. So I don't have to buy that, I'll use something stronger.

And I said running it directly to the amp I'd have to buy five feet of wire, but I was asking if there was a difference in quality vs. using the Van den Hul d502? (I'd save $20 buying the d502.)

Re: Stefanl
Yes, you leave it in unless you tear it. If you do, you have to replace it.

Would it be better to just replace the thing though?
What about the 2 small rubber grommets in the stem.Are they pulled out or do they remain in the arm?