Hegel HD10 DAC: Anyone heard it?

A friend of mine recently attended the 2010 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and heard the Hegel DAC. He said it performed quite well in that venue. It runs about $1200. Does anyone have any experience with this DAC? Should I drop $1200 on this or $800 on a PS Audio III?
If you get the Hegel, please tell the rest of us about it.
I am a small dealer in Charlotte NC and will be performing comparison on the Hegel HD10 and Ps Audio digital link III soon.

Please contact me by e-mail for additional information or details
Furthermore I heard the HD10 at RMAF, and it did sound quite good.
I had it for demo a while ago. I liked the clarity and the smoothness in highs and mid range, and the "natural flow". But what I did not like was that is sounded a bit thin in the low frequency regions. Perhaps that is due to my system. I have used the balanced connections of course. I think there is going to be a HD20 with remote (saw it on a swedish website).