Heard the Wisdom Audio LS4?

I having trouble finding reviews on the Wisdom Audio LS4 speakers besides some written in Asia. Has anyone had any extended listening time with these speakers? What do you think?
Even though I am a dealer for the Wisdom's - I can tell you - there is really no comparison with cone and dome speakers. The Wisdom line sources are so much faster, and do not have a passive crossover, so the resolving power and dynamics are really a very different thing. Both of the pairs we sold replaced over$100k cone and dome speakers and the owners would never go back.
Relative to the money, $45k each, are they worth considering and listening to. I'm also looking at magico q5 and Wilson maxx3. What kind of amps would u use with them?
I have heard them on two occasions, one for hours. They are amazing, add on the Wisdom STS sub and they are unbelievable!