HDMI audio out, or Digital Coax out for CD playbak

With a source unit that has HDMI out into a preamp that has HDMI inputs; Is the sound diffrent than using the digital Coax or Optical output for regular cd playback.

Is there any loss in musical sound staging or imaging, or digital signal loss? Thanks for any opinions.
good question; but not that simple.

it depends on your processor. some processors are very good at processing soundtracks; but lousy at 2-channel redbook....in which case you would actually want to use your 2-channel analoge outputs (into an analogue input on your processor reciever) from your DVD player for CD listening.

you really need to listen and decide for youself.

i am not even clear that HDMI would carry a 2-channel redbood digital stream from your DVD player.....but that may be how it works. read the manual for that.

maybe list your DVD player and processor/reciever and someone who is familiar can comment of what they think.
Thanks Mike,
Your right I will have to wait until I get my equipment to see if the HDMI can process a 2 channel signal. I will probably just use analog outputs for cd. thanks
I would think Coax digital would be best but I am not very hip on HDMI and would rather run video and audio wires straight to the source wich bypass's the benefit of HDMI switching...I would take quality over simplicity anyday.........but I also have a pretty intuitive remote for everything wich after the complex programing gives me simplicity.