HD receiver..

I am a little confuse about HD receiver.the question is.Can these receievr work with cable or just satelite?is there a way to receive HD signal using other receiver beside the Cable company rental box?
I doubt you will be able to get cable HD without the box provided by the cable TV compant, They will want the money for providing the service. I suspect you will be able to defeat the system as it becomes more available as these things do seem to happen.
How to get your HD signal---- With cable,you only have to subscribe to the programming.--Means no extra charge for the HD box.i.e. HBO/Sho---same price no matter SD or HD.---Sat. works the same way--pay for the programming; the HD or SD;same price.----- Then you have your locals that brodcast in HD--(CBS/NBC/ABC) You need a HD tuner and an antenna.---Then it's free. Actually the cable co--(depending on where you live) gives you your locals in HD and you can subscribe to HBO/Sho.--- Just buy the hd-ready tv.-------The other methods require you buy equipment.
Actually,Directv as of July 1 will be creating a new HD package. For $10.99 a mo. you will be able to get ESPN/ Discovery/and HD-NET.You will need to access all 3 birds:101/110/119 (Sat-a--b--& c.) This is the first "extra" charge HD package. This won't affect HBO/Sho.