Have Good DAC- Sony DVP-S9000ES As Transport?

I really need a quality source suddenly, due to a change in situations. I have an excellent Bryston BDA-1 DAC available, and free access to a mint condition Sony DVP-9000ES DCD/CD/SACD player, that was used only a 3-4 hours a week, for a year before being stored.

These very well made units (28 pounds, all copper chassis, etc.) were modded heavily, and expensively, by Modwright, and also Vacuum State Electronics some years ago, so I suspect the transport must be good. I would appreciate your thoughts on whether this would result in high quality sound. Thanks for any help with this.
The odds seem good that you have what you may need, but to verify I would try to find out from your seller exactly how many mods were done by each company and then how many of those could be said to influence the transport. If he does not know, then you might try to contact the companies to see if there were package-level mods offered for this player and try to determine which level mod you may have. Of course, if all the mods were made to the Sony's DAC section, then you'd have a problem, though I'm guessing that to be unlikely...but, at least a possibility if the one who paid for the mods never considered its use as a transport (although, any power-supply mods would help), or simply never got around to affording those mods. If one or both companies did custom work on this player, then I don't know what can be said unless the mods can be traced from any original sales receipts, or something like that. Hopefully, someone else with direct experience with these companies will post here. Hope this helps.