Have any of you ever modified your Vandersteen 2C?

A friend has suggested modifying my '87 Vandy 2C's. He has had great success with re-wiring with Van Den Hul internal wire. He also suggests opening the midrange box to the rear and sides; and removing the back plate from the tweeter. This provides a similar sound to the Alons. He was adamant that the crossover should not be touched. Any comments?
The best mod for '87 Vandys is to slip them back into their boxes and sell them. This is not an easy speaker to get into and it isn't worth the trouble. If you mod them, the resale value will be even lower than it is now. Which is pretty low. If you like the Vandy sound, upgrading will be much more rewarding and probably cheaper in the long run. Don
If you like the Alon sound, buy some Alons. I owned a pair of Vandy 1Bs and gave them to my brother when I bought my Alon 1s. They are nice to visit, but I wouldn't want to live with them. =]
Perhaps I have just experienced the negative side of discussion forums. In my original post I was looking for someone who has experience with the experiment I am considering; not pack them up and sell them or buy Alons. If I could afford to buy the Alons I would have bought them years ago. This is a DIY forum. DIY is in part, about getting the most bang for your buck and having a little fun in the process. I know what my speakers are worth. I also know what they will be worth once they are modified. So, if there is anyone out there who has performed any mods on Vandersteens please feel free to respond. My post name should indicate something to the earlier responders.
Try calling WaveLength Audio Video in Garland, TX.
Ted Paisley the owner might be able to help. Might not also.
I do not know if he still sells Vandies but at one time he did. I bought some from him and then traded them in on Alons.
Anyhow he's a notorious tweeker and might have some answers.