Have any experience with Richard Gray power stuff?

Does anyone have experience with Richard Gray Power products? If so, what is your experience?


I have the little 400 unit. It really does help the black levels on my Toshiba 40" RPTV, kinda weird.. For audio purposes I am really not sure. I think is your equipment has smaller power supplies, the better the performance gain might be. I have all Simaudio stuff, and their solution to all life's problems seems to be "an oversized power supply".

I put it on the line with the two subwoofers, and I think it help out a little, kinda hard to tell. I have heard from more than one source that by using more than one/larger model the benefits increase...Sounds like the shampoo line. How to double your sales in shampoo, say repeat.

I would like to know how these things are different than a UPS.

A buy used type of item, in my opinion.

I also have a Richard Gray Power Company 400S. It helped improve the overall sound from all (treble, mid-range and bass) ranges. The sound was smoother without any loss of detail. Most importantly, I use to have major components hooked up to it (now I have five dedicated lines). I had a bad power surge that blew the fuse in the RGPC 400S, thus saving my monoblocks, preamp and cdp from a fate that I do not even want to think about.

I've heard others comment about RGPC line conditioners being system dependent. If you can try before you buy, that would be the way to go. However, it worked very nicely on my stereo equipment and TV.
I used a couple of them and I can emphatically say---I'm not sure. I feel they MIGHT have helped my audio system. It seemed to sound a little cleaner but when I took it out, I couldn't really tell a definitive difference. I decided if it was that close I would sell them and move on to the next experiment in tail chasing.
I have two of them and they make a nice improvement in my system. As has been stated above, I think that their effect will be system dependent but more on the house AC side of the equation. My townhouse only has one 15 amp circuit that services my system and I know that I am taxing the circuit. So for me the transformer-like nature of the RGPCs work.

I saw that your system uses the PS audio regenerators. I'm not sure how much benifit you might see using both of the devices. I was able to have my local dealer provide an evaluation unit and I recommend that as the way to go.
I have a Richard Grey Sub Station......it makes a very nice
improvemnt. More than I expected.
Result reports seem to be a grey area...
All of audio is one big grey area...whats new:)
I've had a RG Pole Pig with a Substation 400S plugged into it in my system for a little over a wek now on loan from a local dealer, Paul Lim of Imagine Hifi.

I've had to endure an annoying hum/buzz in my AC line since I upgraded my system to high-efficiency speakers and low power SET amps 3 years ago. It wasn't audible in the least with 90dB speakers, but at 97dB the buzz can be heard up to 3-4 feet from the speakers. Not too much at the listening position except faintly on late at night, but it is there.

I tried the DIY route with 2.4kVA Topaz Ultra-Isolator industrial isoaltion transformers wired in balanced power configuration - still there. One for amp, one for sources, one for good luck - still there.

Well, with the 400S plugged into the Pole Pig the line is very, very, close to dead silent. I have to stick my ear within 6 inches of the Fostex 168 Sigma single driver to hear a faint buzz. That's quite a difference.

So, does it make a difference? Yes, oddly it does change the overall sound. It's the classic situation of where you don't notice the influence of something until it is gone. Music, overall sounds better, quieter backgrounds which make the music stand out cleaner. Especially, soft passages.

The dealer told me it takes 2 days for the Grey products to work their best and if you unplug them, you have to wait that time all over again. So, I am going to leave the RG products plugged in and simply move my components, over to an outlet on the other side of the room a few times this weekend to compare/contrast.

I'll let you guys know how it turns out.
Well, Mr. Grey proved the Psychic is right. I was running my rig with a big ONEAC 220V/110V isolation transformer way before the "substation" came out...
I have used the Richard Gray stuff and it just added grain and closed in the system. I am using all Ayre equipment with Vandersteen 5A's. I think R/G has to be tried in your own system. It did not improve mine. Ayre is coming out with their own power conditioner. I'd be very interested in that one.