Has Anyone used PRO CDR for transport ?

Hi, has enyone used a professional CD recorder such as SONY W66,TASCAM 2000 etc ,as a transport ? How it sounds like ??
I want to use it with my DAC EAD 9000III BAL WITH AES/EBU
digital input.
Any comments are welcome ,
Thanks in Advance

I use two Sony CDR-W66 units in my system, and I think they are great. I do not use an external DAC, because I think the internal ones sound fantastic. Also, the ADC section is really nice; probably the best out there short of a full-scale Apogee system.

I know where you can get these at a terrific price ($700, shipping included). E-mail me if you are interested.
I've had an Alesis Masterlink for the last 2 years and on occassion, have used it with external DAC's in my system. There are a few simple mods which really help the Masterlink and cost little.