Has anyone used Furutech Room Diffusors?

I recently read a blurb in Stereophile's newsletter from Wes Phillips about how great the Furutech Room Diffusors are. Does anyone have any experience with this product? My room does not have the typical boomy bass issues that alot of rooms do. If anything my room may be over damped and need some reflective surfaces. My room is also a perfect 20x20 sqaure which sets up alot of node issues. I would appreciate any info on the Furutechs. Thank you
The Furutechs look like they would be more effective placed at first reflection points rather than used as bass traps. Of course I could be wrong. If you are looking for cost-effective bass trapping I'd recommend GIK acoustics. Realraps offers both bass traps and panels for taming reflections.