Has anyone tried EAT Audio tubes?

Since I have A LOT of tubes in my system I am always on the lookout for anything that looks interesting in the world of glassware. At this point I am using all NOS Amperex, Mullard, Tele, etc. figuring this is the road I must trod since I can't stand those "new tubes"- even if it does lead to bankruptcy.

I while back I read a review in Hi Fi+ that raved about E.A.T.'s new reproduction of KT-88's.... I think they said they even preferred them to vintage Genelex (heresy, I know). Fast forward to an ad I see in this months edition for EAT 12ax7, 6DJ8, 52B's, etc. These things are still crazy expensive, but I wonder how they might compare to some of the classics (especially the signal tubes)? Does anyone have experience they would like to share?


IMO, KT88 response only --- they are super hyped KT88's and NOT WORTH 1/3rd their asking price. It appears a Chicago web site is tauting them as the best ever -- that's marketing BS (and they have done a good job at it). These are made at the old Telsa factory and now that they have resolved some of their earlier tube failure rates, they are just okay tubes (but in no way command $1600 for a QUAD).

The Genalex reissues are as close to the original NOS Genalex as can be possible. I had a very good pair, close to MINT, high gm, NOS and sold them after I compared them for some time to the reissues.

Go KT88 Genalex reissues and you'll never look back.
The KT-88's are spectacular.
No, but I did see a guy eat a glass, at a local bar a few years ago....I bet he could do it.


Dave, it wasn't Tim Rossovich was it?

BTW, don't bet him on drinking a quart of motor oil, either...
Nice Trelja-haven't heard his name in a while. Famous for eating light bulbs.

I wonder if they'll give you a 30 day money back guarantee.

If so, it's worth ordering a set. I live in Austin, if you order them, I'd love to hear your TT and the diff these tubes make...