Has anyone heard the new Wadia 301 yet?

I am interested in hearing some impressions and perhaps comparisons to other CD players such as the Meridian 508.24, BAT, etc.
Not yet, and I'm very interested in this piece.
Repeat: Has anyone heard the new Wadia 301 yet? Does the lack of reponse mean the unit is not available or that no one has hear it yet?
With the always delayed launch schedule, I wonder whether Wadia is still struggling after bought by AVR (?). The delay in replying emails also doesn't inspire much confidence.
The Wadia Sales Coordinator reports the Wadia 301 is their new, entry-level CD player that is scheduled for release prior to the end of this calendar year. This product will retail for $3650, and will be available at all of the Wadia dealerships shortly following the release of the product. Wadia encourages us to contact our local Wadia dealer just prior to the holiday season in December to inquire about the availability of the product and possible audition times. I hope that this information is helpful.