Has anyone heard the new Sistrum or Stage Stands?

I know that Star Sound displayed two new audio stands, the brass Stage and the upgraded Sistrum using brass support poles. They also displayed the new pointless AudioPoints.

Has anyone seen them and heard a system using them? Are the new stands a lot better than the original Sistrum stands?
The stands on display were proto-types. They are not ready to sell yet. The pointless points might be ready by now, but stands are in the future, according to conversations I had with the people there.

The stands better sound better since they cost A LOT more!!!
Can someone please describe what the new pointless Audiopoints will look like? I am having a hard time understanding this new concept.

Thank you.
The pointless points are shaped like a cup and saucer. The part of the cup that sits in the saucer is machines to a VERY fine edge, sorta like a knife edge, but it is a circle. I bet that really clears things up!?!?! (:>o)
huh huh??? Just kidding. Thank you for the reply. I wonder how much better this new design than the old ones?
huh huh??? Just kidding. Thank you for the reply. I wonder how much better this new design than the old ones?

It's not going to beat my non resonant, Caribbean Moca wood boards and Goldmund cones combo. Never.

Psychicanimal I thought you used "The Perch."
I'm sophisticated, Groucho...
I know that this stand came from the idea of using 2.5 inch feet which I am currently using (these brass feet are custom made ).The change to the Sistrum 101 rack was so profound,the harmonic detail and dynamics jumped to a whole new level.Resolution was improved substantially allowing a view of macro and micro details to flow ever so naturally.If you own 101's then you owe it to yourself to check out the soon to be released Mach II version of the 101.According to Robert at Starsound the final details of the Mach II production are being ironed out as we speak.I can only imagine what the Brass Stage could sound like ,since it is made from really high Quality brass (apparently the higher % brass allows more of the detail and harmonic resolution to come through).Needless to say that Starsound is on a roll with these new products and we will have to await their release!!I hope this helps-Take care Dennis