Has anyone heard the Meridian F80

I am thinking of the Meridian F80 for a second location. Even though all the reviews on the net praise it highly, at its price I think I could put together a small somewhat portable system off the Gon. for cheaper,although I don't what brands or if the sound quality would be as good as the reviews of the F80 claim. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks GG
Read the review on this month's Stereophile. Not a great review!!
Ya know, I've sold Meridian's products in the past. And, overall, their amps, pre-amps, and digital sources - I felt - were otherwise pretty descent gear!! I never have been a fan of their speakers for some reason though. They always sounded rather Dark to my ears.
I can't tell you why the speakers aren't really all that special, IMO, especially since the active speaker - mated with superior DAC's and such - should offer some otherwise superb quality sound! Dynamics should be stellar, and they're pretty descent (not as good as others, I presume).
Overall, I've heard much more musical, open, clear, uncolored, resolved, and even dynamic speaker offerings else-where, for much less - enough to make me not consider Meridian's speaker offerings in the past (even if it did save me some amplification expense.)
I would hope they would improve their speakers in their line, personally.