Has anyone heard the Martin Logan Acents

How much better are the acents than the sl3s?
The SL3 is one of ML's best speaker successes. The Ascents are probably a little better in that they are easier to drive and give you a different bass situation - maybe defined as better depending on your room. Auditioned at the same time you may not feel a great difference but over the long haul the Ascents come around and make the extra cost a benefit. Short term owners may want to stick to the SL3.
Well its been crazy. I was going to buy revel Gems and that didnt work out and I just sold my sl3s. which I felt had a great sound but the bass didnt intergrate very well with the panel. I called Martin Logan today and the said the Acents are much better but what else would you exspect them to say? Thank you for the input
Lev335. I thought the aerius i sounded better than the sl3, the base intergrated better I thought. Plus I added a sub which helped alot. Someone told me to disconnect the sub in the aerius and just use my external sub. After that I realized the sub in the aerius did not intergrate as well with the panels. Spoke with martin logan and they said no they intergrate fine. I should have know that was coming. Well I decided when I can afford it that my aerius i will go to the rear for ht and I will buy the cls2z and hopeful find a sub that can keep up with them. Good luck pete
Pete - you have got me confused. Did you really find that running just the panels and a sub was better? The woofer (not sub) on the Aerius i goes way into the mid-range. There are not too many subs that perform well in the 120Hz to 250Hz region, particularly if you only use one sub. What sub did you use? Otherwise, I agree that the Aerius i will often outperform the SL3.
Redkiwi the sub I used not expensive, but very musical was the nht sw2pi(I own after listing to many subs; rel, paradigm, sunfire, velodyne and a few others) no its not as loud as the above mentioned, but much quicker and not boomy. Hate boomy. Its a 10 inch sub in its on little 16x16x16 encloser with seperate amp/x-over. When I took the speaker wire off the sub on the aerius i I was surprised the to hear the intergration problem. Its easy to try, it you have them biwired just take the wire off the bottom. You do need a seperate sub to fill in the panels. Sedond told me about the cls2 and I think I will be(one day)putting the aerius i to the rear for ht and continueing my hunt for the perfect sub to match those cls2. Funny thing is I would have never believed it until I tried it. Otherwise very difficult to tell. But I still love the Martins!!!! Panels are great and I think one day someone will make a fast enough sub to keep with them. I probably will be several 10 inch subs. I believe but not possitive that the cls2 go down to 40 or 50 hz. Martin is releasing their new sub this fall, hopefully it will be what I'm looking for. pete