Has anyone heard the Kora hermes connected to a ..

Cary 303/100 cdp or even a Sony 7700 dvd? I'm currently using: Cary 303/100 cdp -> Coincident cst .5 ic.-> Rogue 66 lsr(soon to be upgraded to Magnum) -> Coincident cst .5 ic. -> Odyssey Stratos w/ cap upgrade -> AP Oval 9 biwired -> Magnepan 1.6qr. On the video side I'm using: Sony 7700 dvd -> Cardas 300b ic. -> Cal Sigma II w/ 24/96 chip -> D.H. Labs 1m ic. -> Rogue 66. I like the fact that the Kore hermes has two inputs and assume I could use the Cary 303 xlr output into the hermes and the Sony 7700 rca output into the hermes. Am I correct and what sound could I expect? Thanks in advance for any suggestions and comments!
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I own a Kora Hermes with 24/192 but not the silver wiring upgrades. it is a great DAC - I upgraded the tubes from the Philips to the Telefunken Falcons and it brought things to a higher level. It actually has 3 inputs - 2 coaxial and one XLR that can also be a coax. I have an Electrocompaniet CD player (Used as a transport ) hooked via the XLR , a Sony 7700 DVD player and a Sony SACD 333 carousel via the coax routes - it is a great setup and very natural sounding. Of course the SACD only works through the analog outs but when I use it as a transport for 5 regular CD's the Kora ups its performance. The Hermes is a great way to go at a reasonable price.
What change in sound could I expect from both the Cary and the Sony/Cal Sigma combo's? Could I use the 3rd input for a hi-fi vcr or would that be a bad idea? Thanks!
The differnce in sound from the Electrocompaniet to the Kora is significant even as good as the EC is.as a player in its own right. I would bet the Cary and others would be improved too. You also have an output option to increase from 2 to 5 v which adds a dimension to the sound in the way of improvement in most cases. I have never seen a hifi vcr with a digital output so that is not an option.
Boy, do I feel stupid. I obviously didn't think about the vcr question. Would the Kora add more of a palable 3d sound with the Cary and Sony?
3D might be one way to put it. Go to audioreview.com for more owner opinions of the Kora.
Hi Bradz. I own the Kora Hermes with all that new stuff [Auricaps, cryo'd Jena Labs wiring, etc...] inside it , and I really love it. Just as Ljgj says, 3d would be a good way to describe one of the attributes of the Kora. It has this plus more air, and a more overall smoother, refined and musical sound than the Bel Canto DAC 1.1 I was using before. Plus I'm awaiting the arrival of a pair of Siemens 6922s to replace the stock tubes.
Should I consider selling my Cary 303 and using a less expensive transport with the Kora? Just wondering if I'd benefit more that way and at the same time having the "funds" for the Kora. How could I benefit more from the Cary 303, when used with the Kora dac? I realize there would possibly be more tube warmth, but what else?
That's a tough call. I use the Kora Hermes with a Theta Pearl transport, so that would probably fall into the category you mention. You'd really have to compare the two side by side, because your Cary IS a very good piece. It's interesting that Ljgj is getting great results with the Electrocompaniet/Kora combo, because the EMC1 is a great piece as well. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but my experience is pretty limited here.
There is no contest when comparing the two - which includes the ECM's XLR outs played at the same time in line1 and the Kora in CD of the preamp - you do not want to listen to the ECM by itself. Do not skimp too much on the transport - I used a Pioneer 65 as transport through the Kora - it is a great transport. The Elite line is a great transport source - a friend uses a 93 through his Kora with great results.
Thanks all for your feedback and happy listening!