Has anyone heard Classe CAV-180 5ch amp?

Has anyone heard Classe CAV-180 5ch amp? how does it compare to B&K and EAD etc.?
I've never heard of the CAV-180 and apparently neither has Classe. I just checked their web-site. I have heard and currently own a CAV-150 and can tell you I like this amp a lot. It can be used as a six-channel amp with two balanced channels for 150 watts into 8 ohms. Or you can bridge this amp into five, four or three channels for double the power. I currently use this amp to run three speakers in my H/T system with excellent results. I would recommend this piece to any one seeking this type of flexibility or these particular power requirements.
There is a CAV-180 out now. I've seen adds for it. I believe it is 180 X 5compared to the CAV-150 which is 150 X 6. The Classe website hasn't been updated for a long time. It still doesn't show a picture of the SSP-30 which has been out for about 6 months.
I can vouch for the non-updated Classe web site. They told me that it would be updated in the new year though.

I own one of these amps which I use for theatre and stereo and I am VERY pleased with its performance.
It is extremely transparent and dynamic with a warm sound.

Can anybody recommend a suitable power cord?
Yes, they exist. I bought one 10 days ago. What a great piece of equipment! It is 5x180 watts 8 ohms or 5x360 for 4 ohms. I did not compare it with the amps you mentioned, but after 20 odd years of listening to 8 different personally owned systems, I have been impressed with's its clarity, depth and detailing of music. I'm using a cheap set of mains right now and they sound like their worth 4 times as much on this amp. I'll second the request for a power cord recommendation. The manufactures cord is sturdy enough, but it is not shielded. For those yearning to see one, it is roughly the same size as the CAV-500, has a totally flat burnished face plate, with two tall rounded black edges on the right and left edges. I'm still in the break-in period, and so far it has the same smoothness as other Class'es auditioned.
The Class'e web site has been completely remapped and updated this weekend (02/24/2002). I think they have done an outstanding job, provding more detail about the company and the products. The CAV-180 is now featured with all specific detail and pictures.