Has anyone heard a Classe DR-15 ?

Has anyone heard a Classe Dr-15 amplifier (175 watts into 8 ohms) and if so, what are your impressions? Also, does anyone know if it would mate well with Apogee Stages? Thanks
I have heard a Classe DR-25 -- similar amp with more power. Full, slightly warm sound, gobs of power. Mated well with my Martin Logans, and I've heard it sound great with Thiels. They really fall into the same "house sound" as the Classe CA series. Excellent amp overall.

If you're in California let me know, and I'll tell you more about my DR-25.

A friend had the 15 and the 25 in his system for years. They were reliable and powerful, especially the 25. However, they do not sound as refined as the Conrad/Johnson (solid state class AB) of similar power or as the earlier Classe DR3 (solid state class A) which is an outstanding amplifier.