Has anyone compared the Orion loudspeaker to other

I am still speaker shopping and the Orion Loudspeaker caught my eye.It sounds interesting to say the least.Is it really as good as claimed? I am looking for any and all input. Thanks in advance for your contribution.
I would highly recommend auditioning the Orion by finding someone near you. There is a list of willing owners at the Linkwitz website. I knew about the Orion for at least two years before I finally drove a couple of hours to audition them. I've auditioned many, many speakers including Vandersteen, Thiel, Piega, Martin Logan, Newform Research, Magnepan, Gallo, and a few others. Not one compares to the Orion.

I built mine from the kit. A lot of work and still not cheap, yet it's all been worth it. Had I not auditioned them, I'd still be skeptical, and I'd still be looking for something affordable that would really impress my ears in every aspect of audio reproduction.

Most owners of any speaker have a tendency to rave about what they own either to justify their decision or to convince themselves (and others) that they've made the best choice. Many examples here on the Gon. They haven't heard the Orion.

Email me if you want more specifics.
I must agree with 01-17-07: Ojgalli - nothing is better for the money!

Though, the WaveTouch Audio Grand Teton standmount monitors are "damn' close!" And - just a huge "giant-killer" kind of bargain!