Has anybody heard the ProAc D40R????

.....would like to see if anybody has listened to this speaker and their interpretations.

...okay to possibly kick start this one.....has anybody listened to the D38R ????? vs. D38 ????
Yes. It is great. The nature of ribbon is totally invisible.
The bass is excellent, the mids are open & resolved.
A truly pleasant experience. Both accurate & delightful in a very special mixture. An extremely integrated speaker.
I suggest you an amp with balls (or a class A) to drive them.
I owned the D38 but every Proac except Response 4 & D100 uses a cheap tweeter that leaves something to be desired. The D38R fixes that in a very sophisticated way. The Response 5 that I've also had, has the same problem, although was even better at midrange due to the 3" soft dome ATC, the highs were at a considerable lower quality. Unfortunatelly this company is very limited about quality offerings on their tweeters and above that, the quality control is very poor.
My Response 5 has 5 holes without soldering in it's x-over!
and the absorber panels inside the cabinets were not glued!
They also put a shizophrenic premium $$$ for my Burr oak.
They became my best dynamic speakers when I've replaced the tweeters with the RAAL. Better than Response 4!
In their category are still my favorites but I'm really bothered by the company's policy concerning pricing, even when the results were stunning, the production cost cannot justify the asking price.
I don't know what model to suggest to you. They are great in their unique way to bring forth the beauty of every flavour that you put in the chain. I always ended up with Cardas speaker cables (when the amp was SS), VDH interconnects, and whatever (really good) amp I wish (Jadis Defy 7, Cary 211, Atmasphere MA 1, Goldmund Mimesis 9, Goldmund Mimesis 8.4, Pass 600, Pass Aleph 0 & many DIY SET 10-60W). The new series "D" are more demanding of power despite the company's claims, but are also less involving and more detailed-accurate although they keep Proac's identity intact.
Very capable speakers, rarely seen at the used market.
The tuning of them is their secret of success & not the quality of their components. The smaller ones have absolutely no problem to effortlessly mimic even the unsurpassed 3" soft dome ATC midrange driver!
The D38R I test them with the Musical Fidelity 50W class A and VDH Integration/Orchid. They are not ground breaking in any way, (as the Transmission Audio or Shindo) neither are the transparency kings (like a Soundlab). But they are my reference std. in conventional multi-way dynamic speakers 'cause of the great taste of Stuart Tyler on tuning them.
"They became my best dynamic speakers when I've replaced the tweeters with the RAAL. Better than Response 4!"

Does it actually fit size-wise? How did you change the X-over?

happy listening,

I can just throw in some listening experience from a number of years ago, comparing the Proac 3.8 and the Dynaudio Consequence mk 2, both made around 1995-2000, using a Krell 2 x 600 amp. I found that the Proacs were lively and could play very well, but the tweeter was poor compared to the Consequence. Bass also. Not surprising since the C's were Dynaudio's flagship product. However, the Proacs seemed well designed, I liked them, in their way.

Today, perhaps Dynaudio has more development per asking price - or Proac. I don't know, both companies offer high-value products, but you only get the best if you tune the speaker with the amp and the room. Not least, the room.

Wherever they were placed, the C's gripped my 50 m2 room, better than the Proacs. The C's came to life, placed well into the room. The Proacs, similarly, got their best grip on the room even further out from the walls. Like a dancer needing a dance floor. Although the C's had an edge reproducing dynamic, majestetic music, the P's were good when placed right, and given a good powerful amp, sometimes better than the C's, more dancing, if you forgive a metaphor, more lively and musical, although each time there was a major timbre and music change, the C's proved their worth. It is a bit unfair, to compare two speakers so differently priced (C's perhaps two times more expensive), but interesting also.
I have the d40r'S and I love them. They are amazing
I just spent 3 hours listening to the D40R and D28 at Arizona Hifi in Phoenix. I have also listened to Sonus Faber, Linn, Martin Logan, B&W, Magnapan this weekend.

The D40Rs are indescribably good. The music is real, crisp, floating in air, solid, vital. Listened to the D40Rs with Leben gear, and w/ Quicksilver V4. With the Quicksilvers I would be just fine with the DE28s. With the Leben, they became alive. The best thing I have heard. The $25k Sonus Fabers are good in a different way. I really want the D40Rs.

Listening to mainstream jazz.