Has anybody heard the Monster THX speaker line?

Fellow Audio Lovers,
Has anyone seen or heard the Monster THX speakers and your opinions are welcomed. Thank You
I got some propoganda on their new speaker line. I don't recall if it is the THX line but it looked like they were selling them by the foot. They were tall multi driver designs that got more expensive the taller they got. they also have a subwoofer that looks like and functions as an endtable.
Thanks Bignerd100... I have been told that they have been out for months? I heard this from some B&W loyalists who mentioned that Monster's newest speakers had the look of the N805. If you hear more let me know. I have seen Monster's tower speakers that they sell to go with their credenza's / home entertainment furniture, beautiful finish on the wood I might add but have never seen a review........ I thought by now someone would have.
I heard them last year at Monster's demonstration showroom across the street from their main campus in Brisbane CA, powered by their (then) new line of power amps.

Their subs were deep enough, but I considered it indicative of the market they are aimed at that we were only given surround demos to listen to.
Thanks Leedistad.... Even the high end dealer in my area that carries Monster products does not carry those speakers and does not plan to... why I don't know nor did he give me a reason other than he wanted to carry their tower line of speakers. ????