Has anybody compared the V.D.Revelation 2.0 vs 1.0

I have just replaced the old REV 1.0 version with the new Revelation 2.0, and am stunned at how much better the 2.0 is in every parameter.I was wondering if anybody else has had similar experiences with the 2.0 series cables?
I must admit that this REv p/c 2.0 cable went through some wild break in phases and has now settled in on the Karan amp. The VD cable needed over 100 hours before it sounded musically coherent (the phases affected the bass and imaging as well as the sounfield itself).When a good friend and I compared the 2.0 REV to the 1.0REV,we actually found the sound of the latter to be more authorative in the bass and dynamic swings.The REV 2.0 was passing more information but the images were more diffuse and the dynamics suffered as well. I have found a trick that really helps the break in process of the cables and components. You power down and unplug your system for at least 30 minutes, for some reason this seems to reset the cables and equipment. After putting over 120 hours on the REV 2.0, it suddenly blossomed to life with amazing resolution and dynamics. The old REV sounds slightly reticent in dynamics and doesn't have the freedom in how it passes the same info. I notice the biggest difference in the size of the soundstage and also image sizing as well.Hope this helps Dennis

Cenline, the 2.0's are crazy for break-in. When I initially installed (balanced 2 sets) my image was off to one side.

I have to say I have never experienced what I have with these cables but now everything has settled down and I am really enjoying my system.

I am awaiting for my Genesis bi-wire speaker cables to come, because I changed speakers (the reverse of you) original were W/P7's so I didn't need bi-wire.

I currently have Rev. Sig's with a jumper so this currently is my weak link, "the jumper".

I do want to try the Genesis to replace my Rev 2.0 but down the road a bit, I'm playing around with my top end right now and too much is happening all at once and will be too confusing and mistakes can then be made.

How are you enjoying your new speakers?

I am awaiting for my Sistrum rack and platforms to arrive, should be here next week.

Also a Oracle 2000 transport to compare against my Accustic Arts Drive MK2, next week also.

I also have coming a Supratek pre to compare against my ARC Ref3, hopefully soon, it has been on order for some time now.
Hi Dev
I am truly impressed with the sound of the GMA Calypso and how it just sounds like music.They are so dynamic and refined, I have never heard a better imaging speaker.The Calypso is able to throw a soundstage that easily exceeds all of my room boundries in both height and width.The most delicate of sounds is easily and most importantly naturally rendered with no etching or smearing.I think the GMA's maybe one of the top speakers in the world when you take in the price to performance level and the overall ability for it to make music.You lucky dog,sounds like you will get the Genesis speaker wire before myself, so you will have to let me know what you think.You will love the Sistrum 101's,I want you to post your results of what you think.Sistrum and VD use similar technology and they have some real synergy.I hope that you like the new transport and what are you using between the tranny and dac for a cable? I do feel sorry for the ARC 3 since it will be regulated to the agon bone yard once the Supratek comes into play.I hear that it is truly a world class pre and again we must turn to you for your opinion ( I am starting to sense a pattern hear)!It sounds like you are about to embark on a audio pilgramage, so I hope that you have fun.Cheer sDennis