Has anybody compare Playback Design vs Berkeley

I am currently using Berkeley Alpha DAC with my music server. I have been thinking of adding SACD player such as Sony XA5400ES or 9000ES for awhile for my modest but growing SACD collections. I used to have Esoteric D05 with my music server and using iLink from my Pioneer universal player for DSD output to Esoteric. I am very happy with Berkeley DAC and think that it was a significant upgrade from Esoteric but missed having good SACD playback as well. Anyhow, recently I have a very good offer on Playback MPS-5. Unfortunately it is not in the same city and I will not be able to audition it side by side with my Berkeley DAC. Does anyone have any experience comparing the 2 units for 16/44 files or other high resolution PCM files?

Also quick question on Playback MPS-5, its AES/EBU digital input, is it single XLR or dual XLR or both?

The rest of the system is Usher Be20, ASR Emitter II Exclusive, Synergistic Research Cables.
Thanks for your information.
Sorry, I cannot offer any insight, but I would like to ask you something. Any idea what the PD owner is replacing the unit with?

Sorry, But neither can I offer any insight, but I would like to ask you something. You have an ASR EMITTER.... can you share your thoughts on it?
Poor guy. ;-) Carry on.

Yes, The ASR amps are the best in the world.
PD deal was offered through a dealer that I know.
As far as ASR is concerned, I used to have Audio Research Ref 3 and Jadis JA200 mono amps and I am not planning on upgrading it anytime soon. Excellent bass with warm smooth rich mid/high that rival most tube amps in my experience.
Can you tell me who offer you very good price on PD? I try to be PD distributor in Thailand. And someone told me that I am the one who give you the offer which I am not.
I cannot help you on the comparison, however I can tell you that the digital XLR in is a single input but can carry a 24/192 signal.

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I can only add that I was about to go analog only and sell off my thousands of cds and then I bought the playback designs and now listen to digital and enjoy it immensely.

It has a wonderful tone and lacks the harshness that digital is famous for.

I strongly recommend pairing it with amps and speakers that can deliver strong bass to maximize the startling performance of this truly high definition cd/dac