Harpia Acoustics


In the next days I will write about some experiences with Harpia Acoustics Doberman from Poland and with theit producer.

At first a question: Who made own experiences whith Harpia?

Best regards
O.k., no response. I should tell you my own experiences ...

In the last year there was a new writer on 6moons, Wojciech Pacula. I saw his reviews and on his equipment list, there was the speaker harpia acoustics doberman. The review you can see here: http://www.highfidelity.pl/!ev/artykuly/18_09_2007/harpia.html

... and a few months later the speakers were in my listening room.

The doberman is a time coherent 3-way-design. The actually version is 91,5 db. I´ve been given the chance to listen to this speakers at my home with my equipment and also at the producers home. There was a simple NAD Amp and CD and it sounds in this big room very well with big soundstage and good deep bass ... (There was also a pair of little bookshelf speakers - they sound the same way, only the bass a little light). The euipment in my home: Dr. Feickert Blackbird with Lyra Delos, Klyne Line and Phono (Series 7), Valvet 3.5 Power Amps ...

And the sound at my home and ... especially the human interactions ??? ... Curious??? ;-)) .... Please wait a few days, the review will follow ...
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