Harmonic Technology Pro-11 s

I just got a 8 foot pair with the Rhodium spades.They are new and I have about 20 hours on them.The most obvious improvement is in the bass.They replaced some Kimber 8TC's.Who knows these well enough to tell me what the normal burn in time is for them and what I can expect to hear as time passes.Thanks!
Depends on what you used before. I switched to a pair of Pro-11s from a pair of Kimber 8TCs, and I noticed improvements in just about every area. The soundstage widened slightly, the bass was almost immediately better, and, after a few weeks, the treble really smoothed out. Especially compared to the Kimbers. I hope you have the same positive experience.
Sorry to state but sounds like both of your are behind the times. The gentlemen that made those cables, Robert Lee, has started a new company called Acoustic Zen. His latest cable design totally outclasses his earlier HT designs. If you've not tried them, well you owe it to yourself before spending money on a antiquated concept. They were, and still are an excellent value, but after extensive side by side comparsions, I don't believe they're even close to what Robert Lee has accomplished in his newer design.

Example: Stereo Times reviewer Jim Merod said they are the best cables he's ever auditioned and reviewed....and he was no fan of HT when they first became the rage some years back preferring the Nordost over the HT's easily. Well, this time around when comparing his reference to the Nordost, he too had to admit the Acoustic Zen is the best he's come across.

The Pro 11's are good, the Pro 9's are better while the Acoustic Zen kill them both.
I actuall talked to Robert about a month ago about the Matrix and silver reference IC. I also asked him if he would suggest upgrading my pro-9s to the satori cables. He stated that he felt the pro-9 to be a good design and while one could always listen and compare he didn't really see a big need to upgrade to his newer design.. The satori are better but even the designer didn't see them as killing the Pro-9.
I put about 100 hours on the pro-11's.My dealer said I would know at that point what they were going to do.I found the pro-11's to be very similar sounding to the Kimber 8TC's.The differences were in the bass,which the 11's did better.The 11's were a bit smoother also.In my system now is a 8 foot bi-wire of MIT Terminator-2/I-conn bananas.The MIT's win hands down! Wider,deeper stage,more relaxed mids with better detail.They just sound more pleasing.My speaker cable search is over!