Hales Transcendence 8

I am considering purchasing a used pair of these speakers. With Hales out of business, there's obviously some risk involved. Does anyone know the status of any stock of spare drivers? If something goes wrong, can any of the drivers be replaced? I have the impression that the tweeter and mid are off-the-shelf and available, but that the woofers aren't.

Also, any overall comments on sound, drive-ability, appearance or anything else relevant? I've heard nothing but raves but heard the speakeres only briefly years ago.

Many thanks
I have bought mids and tweeters from Madisound. I have also purchased the woofers from a company (whose name I will come up with) but the woofer is made by Alumapro (who makes car subwoofers). They are stocked but were specially made for Paul Hales.
I have T-5's, and found out that Madisound in Madison,
Wisconsin stocks replacement drivers for the Hales.
Try them at: www.madisound.com. I really like my 5's, and
I've heard the 8's are awesome. As long as you don't mind
a little risk since the company's gone, there's some great
buys out there on these speakers. Good luck.
I'm currently upgrading from T5's to T8's and am encouraged by the fact that these speakers are rarely offered on the used market...a testimony to their intrinsic musical value. Mine will come with a spare driver, and I'll be looking for more spares....just in case.

There is another previous Hales thread where the parts, if I remember correctly, are more completely listed.

Maybe we shoud start a "Hales Owners Club"...very informal, of course?
Thanks for the feedback. It makes me feel a bit better if I decide to go this route.

Any comments on the sound of the T-8 vs. T-5. I am a former owner of Thiels and Legacies and now own a pair of Waveform Mach Solos (another excellent but defunct speaker company) and like crisp, clear sound with good imaging/soundstage. I listen almost exclusively to jazz and classical.

Do you know how hard the T-8's are to drive - what is their sensitivity and do the have a brutal impedance curve?

First, the company for the woofers IS at www.alumapro.com and speak to a gentleman named Phil Pantek. Next, the T-8s DO need power to make them sing. Although listed at 88db and 6 ohm nominal load, I'd give them at least a good 100 watts of HIGH quality solid state power or a GOOD quality tube amp (gee, if I can spend your money, you could go with the Tenor Audio 75 watt OTLs with 6 db of headroom -- at a palrty $18,900!)if you want to do them justice.
Thanks. I hve a Rowland Model 10 that should work nicely, I would think.