Hales rev 3

Aloha picked up a pair of Hales but having problem taking off the grill!!! Is there a process to do that?? Seems like its super glued to the frames!!! Mahalo for your time.
The grill on the Hales Revelation speakers is designed like a sock stretched over the metal frame and held in place by a rubber cord sewn into the edge of the grill cloth and tucked into a groove where the front baffle meets the speaker cabinet.

You must *very carefully* pull the fabric straight up at the edge where it is tucked into that groove to expose a bit of the cord. You then can use the cord for leverage (it's stronger than the fabric) and pull it up around the edges until you've worked all the way around. It may feel like it's glued in but it's not, it's just held in by friction and is probably stuck from age. Try a few different spots until you get it to yield and then you should be able to work the grill off without damaging it.

Trouble is, the fabric is quite delicate and may tear or get a run (like pantyhose) so I suggest you start at the bottom. That way if you accidentally tear the fabric it won't show if/when you decide to put the grills back on. BTW, it's tricky reinstalling these grills. It's difficult to get everything even without bunching up the fabric in the corners resulting in some sagging or lumpy spots.

Gook luck! -jz
Mahalo Nui Loa brah!!! Was wondering if decide to sell what is the going rate??