Halcro Preamps

There isn't much discussion of Halcro preamps on line. How does the Halcro linestage (DM8) compare with other solid state linestages such as the MBL 6010D? And how well does it partner with a variety of amplifiers?
I have only heard the DM10 which I think is the same only missing a phono stage and headphone output.

Halcros strength is amazing detail, clarity and purity with extremely low distortion. They make the most transparent kit I have ever heard.

The preamp is quite complex a little like the ML ref preamp no32 with microprocessor controled input switching. You can program each input for level and name etc.

Their DM series gear has no sound. So some may say it is cold.

My time with Halcro has made me rethink what "warm or cold" is. There is a fluidity that is so addictive in the way a great valve amp can be, but so pure and lightening quick without any muddling. Decays seem to go on forever.

Halcro will show you what the recording is doing without any graces.

I couldnt comment on the MBL 6010D much as I have only heard it for about 30mins in a system I didnt really know. To put my head on the block, maybe the MBL is a little warmer than the Halcro if anything. In the little time I had with the MBL, it seemed to have the same ability to show decays and low level information.

Try looking for information on the DM10 I am sure the sound will be the same even if the features are slightly different.

Hope this helps