Great day at the Record Show..

Well, less and less classical, but I still had a great day...
1. Billy Cobham's Glass Menagerie' Observations &

2. Water Lilly label..Franz Liszt, Teddy Teirup on piano..I love Water Lilly LP's.

3. Original 1959 release from Argo (oval label) Orlando Gibbons Tudor Church Music (for a change of pace).

4. Windham Hill release ofr Robbie Basho's Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar (6 and 12)

5. London FFSs BlueBack of Schubert's The Trout Quintet,Curzon with the members of the Vienna Octet.

6. Decca Gold Label,,Andres Segovia...Ponce's Concierto del Sur, Rodrigo's Fantasia para un gentil hombre.

7. SEALED!! DGG tulip red stereo with the large binder cover of Franz Liszt;s Eine-Faust-Sinfonie and Les Preludes...SLPM 138647148

8. The Falla Trio Virtuoso music for three guitars......Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Falla, Almeida...Concord label

9. Mike Oldfield's Islands.
Happy for your good luck in finding a variety of intriguing vinyl. If you could listen a bit to your periodic finds, then list a few words of review of the listening experience you enjoyed with each record then you can be educating your readers, and be on your way to reviewer status.
The proof of the (audio) pudding is in the listening.
You would be providing a meaningful jumping off point for fellow vinyl hunters to make a response.
Do you want to give a hint where in this vast country you are searching for hidden gold?
I will post my impressions,,i kinda forgot to do that...I look for my stuff in Atlanta.:-)
Ok,,first impressions..

I must say that i am not that experienced of a classical music listener (in the critical way)..I have been an amateur musician for years and years, and have pro musicians all over my family...But here we go:

1. The Billy Cobham's Menagerie album is cool...Its not a wow you out kinda of work, but more tranquil and steady ensemble. The recording quality seems very high..Not a lot of competition for groove space...Very enjoyable LP.

2. The 1959 Argo release of Gibbons Tudor Church Music is the least familiar to me. I am not a big fan of vocal music for now. But the venue seems well suited, and there is tremendous clarity and energy in this LP.

3. The Water Lily LP just in the Paganiniana (Ricci on violin) is a tremendous recording...Very intimate and nuance filled, it may not be the greatest interpretation, but good enough and sounds excellent.

4. Robbie Basho's LP is one of the most enjoyable...tremendous recording, again, quite intimate and being steel strings guitars, lots of detail up high....great technique and variety of selection.

5. The London bBlue back of The Trout Quintet is nice, very mellow tone. I guess I am enjoying more the modern audiophile recordings (the well done ones) than some of the old war horse label...When th piano is a little louder the recording has more life.

6. The The Falls trio of classical guitars is quite generic in my mind....After listening to the LA Guitar Quartet, and some others, I feel that this team lacks some magic..but enjoyable just the same....a little bit sterile of a recording.

7. All of Mike Odfield's LP sound great , this is no exception.
Thanks for your quick thumbnail sketch comments. Your take on 5.,the Vienna Octet-Clifford Curzon recording, may be based upon the difference between the beautifully controlled, integrated older concert style, and the "play it like you feel it" modern players. If I can locate this recording hidden in my random access collection of countless records, I'll try to post about it, too.
I think I may have 6., Segovia in those concertoes (?spelling) with orchestra. My memory of some of his solo recordings is of great technique, and musical feeling, even at a mature age. Again, if I can find your selection, I'll try to post. I do remember one of his concerto recordings in CD remastering demonstrating lovely performance of Segovia with orchestra, but a peculiar positioning of the guitarist way off center.
Oh, I forgot....An original white label Melodiya (all russian cover and back) of Balys Dvarionas (1904-1972) Soanata-Ballade for violin and piano, and others..

One of the nicets recording anywhere...seems that they recorded with my own McIntosh MC40's...sweet sweet tone, ambience, and performanmce to match...

curious more modern music....bvery melodic just the same!