Granite Audio phono burn in disk

What, if any experience has anyone had with the Granite Audio phono MC burn in disk? Instructions suggest playing track 33 repeatedly until phono pre is properly burned in. Generally, how many hours should this process take to reasonably accomplish possitive results? Additionally, the instructions suggest playing the entire disk repeatedly for MC burn in? The other 32 tracks however are set at a higher output level reserved primarily for MM cartridges. If one uses these tracks on the MC inputs of a phono pre, can the inputs be overloaded damaging the circuitry? Any direction is most welcome.
Hi Frontier 1-

I used the Granite Audio disk to burn in my MC phono stage. It did burned in my Lundahl transformers nicely without using any playing time for my cartridge (I believe we are using the same cartridge, Dynavector XV-1s). I also pulled my NOS tubes out of the preamp, and used some stock tubes. The benefit of using the disk is you can save wear and tear on expensive items. I ran the disk 24 hours a day during the work week for about three or four weeks, a total of about 500 or 600 hours. I ran the preamp as normal (I did not put the preamp on mute), but I did turned off my amps. Follow the instructions and do not play any other tracks - use track 33 only on a MC phono stage. Also, do not play the disk through your speakers; I believe this might damage the tweeters. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me off line.