Grado Phono Preamp

Anyone heard the production version
of the Grado Phono Preamp?
Based on all the feedback, I purchased a Grado PH-1.

Here's some early feedback: nice packaging, but no loading facilites. Small wall wart style 12vdc power supply(I'm sure there be lots of upgrades/mods soon).

Sound- compared to the lastest Black Cube SE w/upgrade power supply using a high output Blue Point Special, the Grado has a tad less gain. Big open sound stage with excellent inner detail. More laid back than the BC with
less agressive highs. Looking foward to hooking it up
to my new signature series Grado.

Does it start to hum when it gets near a REGA?
Don't know about the Rega.

Using it with a Nottingham Spacedeck and there's no hum
with the Grado right next to the motor.