Goth music fans - need help...

Someone i know emailed me trying to see if i knew who performed a specific song that they heard on someone's web page. I have no idea of who it is and was wondering if someone else might know the name of the band, tune or disc that it can be found on.

Here's a link to the specific web page, but be prepared for some teenaged version of a disturbed reality. The music takes a few seconds to start after the entire page loads up. The person that has this web page doesn't respond to questions about the music, as the interested party has already tried that route. Any and all help appreciated... Sean
Sorry I can't help as my job blocked this site.
"the small hours" is the band.

the song is called "the exit."
also, the website is

apparently, there's also an english band called the small hours who are not the same.
Thanks for the help and attempted assist : ) I'll pass this on. Not only do i appreciate it, but i'm sure that the person that originally asked me for help will too : ) Sean
you're welcome. it's good karma, sean - you're always helpful to everyone else.
Lazarus: That was a good find on your part. From what i can tell, this is a pretty obscure band and not well known at all. I finally looked at their website and from what i can tell, i would have never found them without someone's help. Thanks again... Sean
again - glad to help, but i cheated!

i looked at the source code on the girl's website and it references the song title. all i had to do was search for .wav then .aiff then .au then .ra then .mp3.

when i searched for .mp3 it went straight to the song title and after searching for the song title and the lyrics i heard, i found the website via google

did i mention my investigation fee?


well, first time's free, anyway.

oh, and let's drop this whole "for a friend" thing, too . . . . we know you're secretly into underground goth bands. i seen ya at the clubs in the white makeup, black eyeliner, crimson lipstick, and leather pants.

don't be ashamed - embrace! embrace as a vampire does his prey! embrace as . . . .

. . . .well . . .

. . .i'll end this now.