Goodmans HE2 3 way speakers?

I have a beautiful pair of Goodmans HE2 speakers they are a 3 way speaker system. With a large horizonal port on top. All the speakers and the port are in cast basket housings with rubber type surrounds. The sound is exceptional and I have never seen another speaker like them. They were manufactured in England.
Does anyone have any information regarding these speakers?
Your help is appreciated.
Best regards,
I have been using a pair for 22 years,I have still got the original handbook for them good speakers,except I have just blown a tweeter,goodmans speakers have gone out of business now, and I have been trying to find who made the driver units,without any luck,
Mail me if you would like a copy of the hand book!
I would guess that Goodmans made their own drivers. Back in the 1950's, when you bought drivers and made your own enclosures, Goodmans drivers were competitive with Warfedales. I used some, but preferred the Warfedales.