Good Tube Integrated w/ Quatros

Looking into possibly getting some Quatros and was wondering which tube integrated amp will have enough juice to drive these speakers? I currently have mono amps and a tube pre that I really like but there is something special about a tube amp. I know ARC, Mcintosh, Rogue and Ayon are big hitters in the market today. Interested to hear your suggestions.
Since no one has responded yet I will give you one piece of information. First I am assuming you are talking about Vandersteen Quatros. Assuming that is correct, you will be using a filter in line between the preamp amd amp in order to accomodate the built in subwoofer. Doing this with an integrated amp is dependant on having pre-amp out and amp in jacks on the integrated. If you don't have that don't try it, you will damage the speakers and/or the amp. While I am partial to Audio Research, I use an LS 25 and Classic 60 with my Vandersteen 5s, I don't think the Audio Research integrateds have the required jacks. I agree on the magic of tubes, but you may have to do separates. Good luck!

Thanks for the info, forgot all about the high pass filter. Well I can tweak my pre to get similiar results.