Good preamp with Magnepan MG3A

With a pair of Magnepan MG3As and a Luxman M383 amp, what preamp would you recommend for a very musical sound?
I owned MG-3As for 15 years and listened to these speakers extensively with the following preamps:

ARC SP6 A-E models
I don't think you could go wrong with any ARC Tube unit as for a while Jim Winey and ARC used each others equipment in designing their great products.

In solid state preamps, the Acoustat TNP sounded excellent along with modified Hafler preamps, and of course the Adcom GFP -750 would be a great choice too and better than the other solid state candidates mentioned.
You will need a high current amp like the Acoustat TNT 200, Levinson 300 series amp or a Krell KSA 250 to drive them, and two is even better if you want to biamp and expand your system. You may have problems with the Luxman clipping and blowing tweeters and fuses if you're not careful.
A fast sub, like the Vandersteen is worth looking into also.
Hope you enjoy the speakers and have fun building your system.
Thanks for the input. Anyone else have any thoughts?
I've been using a Sonic Frontiers Line 1 with the MG3A's with very nice results. Any of the SF Line pre-amps work very well with the Maggies in my opinion.