good MC cartridge for TD 320 w/TP16MKIII ?

Sorry, if I have asked some of these questions before, but I am a bit confused, so here I go again with a bit more information included.
I am hoping to find some suggestions for a good set up.
My TP16MKIII is a light weight, low mass arm that can handle a cartridge that weighs 8.5 grams and I have a PS Audio Phono link that has a MC section with switching for 1000 -100-10. What works with my tone arm and Phono amp ?
I thought about the Denon DL 103R but it seems the compliance is too low ?
AT OC 9 ? AT doesn't list the compliance !
used Dynavector 10x5 or 17D2 ?
any others ?
I was hoping to find the last unsold MM shure v 15vxmr but no luck, so I thought I could try an Moving Coil. I now use a Shure M97.
Thanks again.
sumiko blue point #2 or denon 110.
Thanks Jaybo. The BPS has been suggested before and after checking out Audio Asylum, I see alot of un happy folks who feel it is very fragile and has questionable QC. I will have to check into the Denon DL 110 & 150 though. Thanks for input !
i'm not a fan of the blue point special(for about the same money you could go dynavector....but the #2 is cheaper and built well, as is the denon